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AMD Opteron 6000 Family Intel® Xeon® Processor E3 Family Memory
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 Family Intel® Xeon® Processor X5 Family
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AMD Opteron 6376 Abu Dhabi 2.30 GHz Server Processor - Socket G34 16 Core - 16 MB Cache OS6376WKTGGHK AMD Opteron 6378 Abu Dhabi 2.4GHz 16 MB L2 Cache 16MB L3 Cache Socket G34 115W 16-Core Server Processor OS6378WKTGGHK Intel CPU Westmere-EX 10C E7-8870 2.40G 30MB 6.4GT
Intel E-78860 CPU Westmere-EX 10C E7-8860 2.26G 24MB 6.4GT/s QPI Oem with 5 years warranty Intel E5-4603 CPU Sandy Bridge-EP 4C 2.0G 10MB 6.4GT/s QPI Intel E5-4607 CPU Sandy Bridge-EP 6C 2.2G 12MB 6.4GT/s QPI
Intel E5-4610 CPU Sandy Bridge-EP 6C 2.4G 15MB 7.2GT/s QPI Intel E5-4617 CPU Sandy Bridge-EP 6C 2.9G 15MB 7.2GT/s QPI Intel E5-4620 CPU Sandy Bridge-EP 8C 2.2G 16MB 7.2GT/s QPI
Intel E5-4640v2 CPU Ivy Bridge-EP 10C 2.2G 20M 8GT/s QPI Intel E5-4650L CPU Sandy Bridge-EP 8C 2.6G 20MB 8GT/s QPI Intel E5-4650v2 CPU Ivy Bridge-EP 10C 2.4G 25M 8GT/s QPI
Intel E7-4807 CPU Westmere-EX 6C 1.86G 18MB 4.8GT/s QPI Intel E7-4809 V2 CPU Ivy Bridge-EX 6C 1.9G 12MB 6.4GT/s QPI Intel E7-4820 CPU Westmere-EX 8C 2.00G 18MB 5.86GT/s QPI
Intel E7-4820 V2 CPU Ivy Bridge-EX 8C 2.0G 16MB 7.2GT/s QPI Intel E7-4830 CPU Westmere-EX 8C 2.13G 24MB 6.4GT/s QPI Intel E7-4830 V2 CPU Ivy Bridge-EX 10C 2.2G 20MB 7.2GT/s QPI
Intel E7-4850 CPU Westmere-EX 10C 2.00G 24MB 6.4GT/s QPI Intel E7-4850 V2 CPU Ivy Bridge-EX 12C 2.3G 24MB 7.2GT/s QPI Intel E7-4860 CPU Westmere-EX 10C 2.26G 24MB 6.4GT/s QPI
Intel E7-4860 V2 CPU Ivy Bridge-EX 15C 2.6G 30MB 8GT/s QPI Intel E7-4870 CPU Westmere-EX 10C 2.40G 30MB 6.4GT/s QPI Intel E7-4870 V2 CPU Ivy Bridge-EX 15C 2.3G 30MB 8GT/s QPI
Intel E7-4880 V2 CPU Ivy Bridge-EX 15C E7-4880V2 2.5G 37.5MB 8GT/s QPI Intel E7-4890 V2 CPU Ivy Bridge-EX 15C E7-4890V2 2.8G 37.5MB 8GT/s QPI Intel E7-8830 CPU Westmere-EX 8C E7-8830 2.13G 24MB 6.4GT/s QPI Oem with 5 years warranty
Intel E7-8837 CPU Westmere-EX 8C E7-8837 2.67G 24MB 6.4GT/s QPI Oem with 5 years warranty Intel E7-8850 CPU Westmere-EX 10C E7-8850 2.00G 24MB 6.4GT/s QPI Oem with 5 years warranty Intel E7-8867L CPU Westmere-EX 10C E7-8867L 2.13G 30MB 6.4GT/s QPI Oem with 5 years warranty